Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slamat Ondu Gawiya

Slamat Ondu Gawiya Sowa nudu so-sua inga.

Happy Gawai Day to all.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Gawai celebration at St. Ann

The Pre-Gawai Mass celebration on May 21, 2010 was the best ever. The parishioners came in full force, proudly showcasing their rich Dayak cultural heritage at the celebration of the Pre-Gawai Mass, fellowship dinner and cultural entertainment.

The Baruk and the peripheral buildings, decorated with motifs and artefacts were transformed into a Dayak ‘Longhouse’. The reception and celebration was typical of the trademark of the Dayaks as one would experience in a longhouse.

The celebration kicked off at about 7.40 PM with the reception of the guest of honour, Friar Gerard Victor OFM and other guests at the main entrance to St. Ann's Church by the organising committee members, led by the Chairman, Puan Bridget Patrick. The entourage walked up closely behind the dancers to the ‘Longhouse’. The people who have gathered at the Baruk gave their rousing welcome.

The Mass started at 8.00 PM with Friar Gerard summing it all in his homily, “I came, I saw and I am amazed. Your cooperation, your ability to work together united as a team and fostering relationship can help others to experience the presence of Christ in you.”

Later the petitions were read in different dialects and languages by five representatives representing the various ethnics. The presentation of the gifts was by six young maidens from RPR Landeh dancing to the beats of the gong.

After the Mass Friar Gerard Victor, donning Bidayuh costumes and other guests made their way to the ‘Ruai’. At the entrance, they were served with tuak, the traditional rice wine and when seated they were served with traditional delicacies. On the stage, young maidens performed the welcome dance. This was followed by the welcoming address by the event organising chairman, Puan Bridget Patrick and the opening ceremony by Friar Gerard Victor, beating the gong three times.

The fellowship dinner that evening was a splendid fare, courtesy of families as they shared freely with others. It truly reflected the diversity and generosity of the parishioners.

The evening continued with cultural performances by enthusiastic young performers from Taman Greenwood, Taman Duranda, St Joachim 12th Mile, Taman Sri Muhibbah and RPR Landeh. To cap an enjoyable evening, the guests sportingly joined the long dance.

The hard work by all concern had really made the evening a lasting impression. Thank you to all and HAPPY GAWAI!

Caption to pictures:
1. Arrival of Guests
2. Presentation of gifts & dance
3 and 4. - Committee members acknowledged thanks from the congregation
5. Guests- from left, Friar Joseph Lee, Robert Josem, Friar Gerard and Martin Nyibomb
6. Friar Gerard Victor OFM giving his usual short and concise address
7. Sr. Irmina Peter (right) in Orang Ulu costumes
8. Sr. Antionette (3rd left) in Bidayuh costumes
9. Presentation by Taman Greenwood
10. Presentation by Taman Duranda
11. Presentation by St Joachim 12th Mile
12 & 13. Presentation by Taman Sri Muhibbah
14. Presentation by RPR Landeh

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kpg Batung hosts Family Game Day

Kampung Batung at Landeh hosted the third annual family game day under Penrissen zone on May 1, 2010. More than 270 people from eight villages under the zone came down to support the activities as participants competing in 23 events. On hand to enjoy the fun with the people were the Rector of St. Ann’s Parish, Friar Gerard Victor OFM, Deacon William Lee, Sr. Antoinette and Mr. Robert Josem, chairman of the parish council.

Earlier, Mr. Paul Noing, the organising chairman, in his welcoming speech thanked the participants, the host village, and members of the various lay organisations for their generous support and cooperation to make the occasion a success. The members of the parish youth ministry and the ladies guild were instrumental in getting all the necessary preparation done accordingly.

Friar Gerard Victor OFM expressed his gratitude to the organisers and the participants for their continuous support to hold the event annually. Together with Deacon William, Friar Gerard sportingly joined in the statue dance event.

Family game day has become a common family-based activity held annually in all the five zones under St Ann’s parish. Other family based activities organised periodically by the community are family outing and picnic, celebrating Mother's and Father's day. Such activities help to strengthen unity of family and community.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Village Chapel Development Fund (Part 3)

Mr. Luke Sagoi is at a loss as how to source for fund to complete the building of St. Luke the Evangelist's Chapel. Mr. Luke is the Chairman of village church committee of Kampong Petag and the villagers had been working hard not only to raise fund but also building the chapel on community help basis, commonly called gotong royong.

In 2008 the committee proposed to organise a fund-raising dinner either at the zone or parish level but was unable to carry out the project due to manpower constraints.

On May 9, 2009 I visited Kampong Sta’ang for the family game day together with Friar Gerard Victor, OFM and Friar Joseph Lee, OFM. On our way back, we stopped at Kampong Petag to have a look at the chapel. The condition of the chapel was very depressing indeed.

Friar Gerard Victor, OFM confided with me early this year that this chapel would be his first priority. I understand his aspiration.

Mr. Luke informed me last week that he needed about RM40,000 to complete the chapel.

These pictures were taken in May last year.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Village Chapel Development Fund (Part 2)

Travelling along the winding gravelled Padawan Road past Kampong Belimbing one can be forgiven if he/she misses Kampong Tatuk as it is a small village of scattered dwellings. I for one thought that this was part of kampong Braang Belimbing in view of their proximity.

I had on two occasions in 2007 visited the village accompanying Friar Joseph Goh. The first visit was on April 8, 2007 to preside the election of the village church committee. I was amazed with the resilience of the group despite all the difficulties. Firstly, the small community is a group of five families but they managed to form their village church committee. Secondly, many of them actually worked and stayed in the city. If I not mistaken, Mr. Poster Sungu, the Chairman stayed in Taman Landeh. But during the weekend they would return to the village to meet their love ones and assemble as one community at St. James’s Chapel.

When I asked Catechist Stephen Jawum which chapel in his opinion to be assisted first, the answered was St. James’ kampong Tatuk. Seeing the condition of the building I tend to agree fully.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Village Chapel Development Fund (Part 1)

The parish of St. Ann made a ground breaking approval at the parish council AGM in December 2009 to apportion part of the fund raised during the feastday celebration for the improvement/development of village chapels with pressing need. For this reason the parish council had increased the target to be raised at this year's feastday celebration.

In my many visits with the priest to the villages I have seen some very rundown chapels but the community are either too poor or small in number that they are not able to raise fund to make improvement to the chapels. The situation is very pressing indeed and it is my hope that some good persons reading this will come to the rescue, supporting this project.

For a start I will show the pictures of St. Paul's Chapel, Kampong Batu Gong, an Iban village off 18th Mile, Kuching/Serian Road. The Chairman of the chapel's committee is Mr. Felix Endawie.

Last week the members of the Iban Apostolate of St. Ann's parish organised a one-day community work to help cleaning up the chapel's area.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

St. Ann's Parish gearing up for 42nd Feastday

The parish of St. Ann will celebrate its 42nd anniversary on 25th July, 2010, the feastday of Saint Ann . The organising committee which had met twice will meet again on 23rd May to prepare for the biggest annual event in the parish.

This year the celebration will also commemorate the 10th anniversary of the parish under the stewardship of Franciscan Friars (OFM).

The celebration will attract the parishioners from more than 50 mission stations coming down to worship at the Baruk, the praying hall at St. Ann. The huge crowd will fill up the Baruk and the compound well before the Mass begins at 9.00 AM. Because of limited space only about 2,500 chairs could be accommodated. Many of the worshippers will have to stand throughout the duration of the Mass. Based on past record we anticipate between 4,000 to 5,000 people.

At St. Lukas' Apostolic Centre, the parish sale will be held for two days, from 24th July starting at 2.00PM till 11.00 PM and on 25th July from 8.00 AM to 2.00PM. Here more than 80 stalls will become the attraction for the parishioners and visitors.

The variety of items available for sale is enormous and there will be something for everyone. Have your choice from an array of fruits and vegetables, local rice, handicrafts, processed and cooked food and drinks.

St. Lukas is such a perfect venue because of its proximity to St. Ann and vast compound and excellent facilities.

The celebration will culminate on 28th August with fellowship dinner at Siburan Multi-purpose Hall. The dinner will bring 1500 parishioners to have a fun filled evening.

We invite you to make a date with us at the three functions while supporting our fund-raising effort. You can support us directly by operating a stall, buying sale coupons and dinner tickets. But most important, be part of the congregation celebrating the thanksgiving Mass at St Ann' Baruk.

Some of the committee members enjoying dinner before the meeting.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tematu organises fund-raising dinner

St. John De Brebeaf's Chapel, Kampong Tematu held a fund-raising dinner at Hunco Restaurant, Mile 13, Kuching Serian Road on 30th April, 2010. Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department YB Tan Joon Phoi was the guest of honour.
According to Mr. Michael Rawis, the Chairman of the Church, the purpose of the dinner was to raise fund for the extension and improvement works. Work had started to enlarge the Church to accommodate 900 people from the present capacity of 300. So far the committee had spent more than RM19, 000.
The dinner, the second since last year, was to raise at least RM30,000. The Assistant Minister made the task easier by allocating RM10,000 from the Government fund.
Friar Gerard Victor OFM, the Rector of St. Ann's Parish
extended Happy Easter greetings to all and appealed to them to show their generosity for our brothers and sisters in Tematu. He also congratulated the organisers for the hard work and wished them God's blessings.

FLM organises Family Seminar at Kampong Gayu

The Family Life Ministry of St. Ann's Parish organised a one-day family seminar at the Chapel of St. Joseph, Kampong Gayu on 25th April, 2010 for the community from Kampong Gayu and Serumah. A total of 191 people comprised largely of couples and young adults attended the seminar. The organisers were delighted with the good attendance and interactive participation.

The session was preceded with the celebration of the Mass presided by Friar Joseph Lee OFM.

Mr. Anthony Aton, the Chairman of the Family Life Ministry informed that this was the second seminar from a series of five scheduled for the year. The first was held at Kampong Sentah on 28th February. The remaining three will be at kampong Timurang (27th June), kampong Stabut (29th August) and Kampong Payang (31st October).
Inconclusion, Mr. John Dosim, the Chairman of St. Joseph's Chapel Committe presented gifts, fruit baskets, to all the facilitators, namely, Mr. Anthony Aton, Mr. Robert Josem, Mr. Martyn Patit, Mr. Griffin Edem, Mr. Andrew Megi, Mr. Kevin Kawen ans Mr. Stephen Jawum.